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Started : July 2, 2005
Total Accounts : 6
Total Accepted : $ 171
Payout : $ 0
Newest Member : asd
Last Update : October 20, 2021


What is a straight-line matrix?
A straight-line matrix is simply a one level payment system. The person at the top gets paid and the entire list below moves up every time two purchases in this line are bought.

Which payment processors to you use?
We use Alertpay only. To open the Alertpay account click here .

Do I have to buy the $10 spots first?
No, you can buy the spots in any order.

How do I receive Payments?
Payments are made directly to your Alertpay account you made your original spend from. We pay our investors automatically. You don't have to make requests to receive payments. If you change your e-currency number we will still make payments to the account you made your original spend from. If this causes you problems, you need to contact us urgently.

How often do you make payments?
Payments are made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes we do, click the Referral link for details.

Can I refer family members?
Yes of course, anyone can join this program.

Is there a strategy for playing Doobler.com?
The best strategy for playing is to buy 1 - 5 $10, spots then wait for these spots to payout. After these spots have paid out, you will never lose any money from then on. A $10 spot gives you $20 when it pays out.

Each time you receive a $20 payment, buy another $10 spot with your profit and keep the other $10, or you can invest your profits by buying a $20 spot.

Once your original spots have paid out, each time you buy another spot you will only be using your profits, this is why you won't lose any money.

If this strategy is a little too slow for you, you can still follow our strategy, but do this with more spots. As each spot pays out buy another one with your profit. This makes the program more interesting and you will receive payments more often.

Do you give refunds?
Please make sure you understand how the program works before investing your money. There are no guarantees of income and no refunds.

Fraud and cheating
We have several measures in place for detecting cheating. Anyone found trying to cheat the system will have their account closed and be reported to Alertpay and other authorities.


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